Upper Hand Scent - Marinades
Garneau Baits  scented with  Upper Hand Craw n Shad

  A great product that goes a long way!
  Chris Bowman, Alta loma, CA

  Used this scent on some Boss Hawgs, lasted a very
  long time. The bait soaks it up.
  Great product!     Matthew Lewisson,  VA

  Not only will your baits look and feel real, they will smell
  real with Upper Hand Scents.    Matt Pretot,  Due West, SC

  Excellent scents! So little goes a long way and stays with
  your bait longer.   Jakota Arnold, Lewisburg KY

  I have done some research throughout the cold PA winter and started
  using this scent. So far in my fishing, I have caught six bass with baits
  scented in Upper Hand Scents and two without. I am convinced it
  makes a difference.    Michael Klamar, PA
Scented with Upper Hand Scents