9"  Wacky Private Dancer
     This bait fishes like a finesse bait, but delivers bigger fish!!!

  Every year we get questions asking for more advice and information on how to get the most
out of our scent-marinades. Here are some tips to

  1.  Don't oversaturate your bag of baits with the scent-marinade. All you need to do is coat the baits can always add more later. To much scent-marinade can make your baits feel tacky after a good period of time.

  2.  I am often asked if there is a way to speed up the  permeating process, which is the amount of time needed to change the baits scent from plastisol smelling to the scent-marinade applied.  A: Once you add the
scent-marinade to your bag of baits, move them around good so they are coated well. Take the bag of bait(s) and lay them on something where the Sun can shine on them and let them warm up good. The intensity of the Sun is different from East to West and North to South, so it can vary from having them sit in the Sun from a half hour to several hours. The heat from the sun allows the scent to permeate quicker into the baits as they become slightly softer and more pliable. It is important to note that you need to keep an eye out for your baits when trying this tip.

3. Heat etching: Several guys keep those micro torches handy, but a lighter works too. The idea here is to heat the bottom of your bait lightly so it warms up and quickly apply the scent-marinade.  I know several good bass fisherman that use this technique before tournaments. One money winning angler told me it's a matter of thinking of every imaginable way to give yourself an edge over the competition...he heat etches his baits and swears by it!